What is Truetarian really about…

What is Truetarian really about?

Truetarian is all about the truth. Truetarian is a website that talks about true food—food that is not processed, food that is healthy and nutritious. Truetarian is about the kind of living that we all can enjoy if we adopt simple rules about what to eat.

Truetarian is also a person who, following any diet, will be truthful to the basic concept—that the food we eat must not be industrially processed (that is to say, it must be real). No matter if you are an omnivore, a carnivore, a vegetarian, or a vegan, if you spend time preparing your food using just basic ingredients—like our great-grandmas used to do—you are one of us.

We like to follow Michael Pollan’s rule: “Do not eat food that your grandmother wouldn’t recognize.”

Eating true food might not seem so attractive at first. Since we try to avoid certain products and ingredients (especially preservatives and additives), shopping seems a bit like hunting. You explore neighborhoods looking for markets and shops offering healthy foods and surf the Internet for recipes. The labels suddenly reveal more than they did before you became familiar with names and quantities. It all makes a Truetarian spend more time than an average shopper getting proper food. Not only that—the true-food diet might just turn out to be more expensive (depending on what you eat of course). So you may ask yourself whether it’s worth it…believe us, it is!

True food is healthier, tastier, and richer. It allows you to feel great. Try it out! We are here to help you. We want to lead you through the enormous market of millions of products where only a very small portion present good value. Let’s start, and let’s enjoy it.



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